A Life-Changing Story

A Life-Changing Story 

A Life-Changing Story

I am sharing a life-changing story that makes you analyze you about yourself.

I started to read about the religion lately, had started to offer prayers on-time, saying of the prays, extra prayers, recitation of the Quran. Religious lectures were being heard instead of songs. My life was very contented but now it is at full tilt. My heart was filled with the thankfulness. Everything was going towards perfection, with that, a major flaw came into existence. PROUD. Yes ! this is one of the traps of the satan. Formerly, he does not let you go near a religion, if he is failed in this attempt then he make us boast about the good deed and make that good deed vanished. He implants pride in the heart.



I could see that someone had not offered his prayers for three jumma then I assumed that his heart has been stamped but I forgot that Allah has granted a woman who had kept illegitimate relation throughout her life because she gave water to the thirsty crow. I could see that a girl was not taking hijab but forget that a pride as mere as a seed of mustard could lead me to hellfire. I could remember to tell that a person had a beard but did not offer his prayers but forget that I am backbiting which is supposed to be like ‘eating a dead brothers meat’.


A story that changed my life:


This thing went into a routine for a while. Then someone told a story in a very lovely way. There was a beggar he sat in front of a masjid when the worshipers came out with their pride in their prayers. The beggar got the same treatment of the snob. Then, he went to sit in front of a pub. Any drunk came out and gave some charity to the beggar. And request the beggar to say a pray for them,”We are sinful may be this charity will lead us to grant for Jannah.”

I then realized that ashamed on the sins are much better than being snobbish on the good deeds.

This story proves a turning point for me. It is important to analyze ourselves. We should ask to do the good deeds and deny for the sins but the judgment should be left for Him. Good deeds are supposed to be done with the empathy and love for the ummah rather than think yourself better than the others. How can you think to get flowers when you are sowing thorns. How could one get love with the spread of hate?

We should improvise others but not to forget to keep a close eye on yourself too.

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