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Once upon a time there was a gardener who planted and took care of a beautiful garden. He planted all sorts of flowers and plants. There were three flowers that he was especially proud of; rose flowers with the deepest red color. He named the flowers Deah, Yusor and Razzan. The flowers were different from all the other flowers. Whenever the weather got cloudy, they bloom extra hard so that it could make everyone happy who looked at them.




Whenever the bee came to get nectar, Deah, Yusor and Razzan were the first ones to offer it to them. When the butterflies wanted a place to relax, Deah, Yusor and Razzan were glad to help them. They were best of flowers and all the bees, butterflies and people who visited the garden loved them very much.


Then one day the beautiful, generous and kind flowers Deah, Yusor and Razzan were cut from the garden. All the butterflies and bees were deeply sad. The bee said to the butterfly: “Let’s go and see where Deah Yusor and Razzan went”. So they both flew around until they passed by a window where they saw them neatly arranged in a vase. The butterfly said to the bee: “Look there is Deah, Yusor and Razzan in that vase! They still look so beautiful!” They decided to stay by the window and look at them. Soon they saw people around the vase so happy to see the three flowers. They said, it made their room bright and fragrant.


Butterfly and bee were confused. Just then a bird landed at the same window and asked them, “Assalamualiakum Mr. Bee and Ms. Butterfly. What are you looking at?”


The butterfly replied, “Walikumusalam, “we are looking at our favorite flowers, Deah, Yusor and Razzan. Look, they are in that vase inside. We are confused because even though they have been cut from the garden they still look fresh and (smell beautiful) sweet-scented, how is that possible? We thought flowers die after being cut?”


The bird asked, “You are right, but, how were the flowers when they were in the garden?”


“Oh, they were the nicest flowers, so kind, gentle and generous” said the bee.


The bird smiled and said, “That’s it! Do you know that good deeds live forever? The reason, the flowers are still beautiful and continue to make everyone around them happy is because of their good deeds”.


The bee and butterfly looked at the bird and smiled back. “May Allah guide us to do lots of good deeds too!” they all prayed together.

We thank to those

We humans are like flowers as well and taking benefits from the noble deeds of many, who had left this world, for hereafter. Known to us or unknown, we owe thanks to those who:


  1. Sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country. (Whichever country we live in, especially Islamic states)
  2. Give their sincere efforts for the development of the country and nation.
  3. Built Not for Profit Organizations and serve humanity. The founder may have died but the orphanage still opens it’s arms to the poor.
  4. Those parents who raise their children in accordance with the rules of Quran and Sunnah, teach them kindness and benignity. Such kids prove to be valuable asserts of the society and the light of good deeds of parents illuminates the personalities of their children, and others find their paths too!


So, always be humble, kind, accommodating and forgiving; so that, you can shine not only while your heart beats but after the temporary departure of your soul as well.


While explaining the dooms day in Quran, Allah assures that even the smallest good deed will be returned,

“So, whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it.”

(Az-Zalzalah (The Earthquake) Verse No. 7)

Hadees about Good deeds

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said,


Do not regard any good deed as insignificant, even meeting your brother with a cheerful face.

(Sahih Muslim 2626)



May Allah bless us with the ability to be humble, caring, pardoner, and helping. So, He may forgive us as well and exalts our rank in both the worlds. Ameen.


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