37 points to live a happy life

37 points to live a happy life

37 points to live a happy life

These are some of the points to live a happy life

1   Start your day with the fajr prayer,  recitation and trust Allah.



2   Keep on asking for forgiveness continuously, sin will be removed and you get enhanced rizq.

3    Do not forget to pray. It is the key of success.

4    Keep this in mind that what you utter is all being recorded.

5   Do not lose hope even in the bad storm.

6    The beauty of the fingers lies in the counting while recitation.

7    In the of abundance of  worries and sorrows say la ila ha illallah.

8    Buy prays of poor with the charity.

9   The prostration that’s been done with interest and intensity is better than the gold that filled earth.  Own it.

10  Think before you speak about what it will affect. sometimes a word can be lethal.

11   Protect yourself from the ill saying of an oppressed one and the deprived.

12   Before reading a newspaper try to spend some time with the Quran.

13   You improvise yourself your family will eventually follow you.

14   Your nafs will call you towards the bad deeds engage it with the good deeds and compete.

15   Respect your parents. they are the most important bounty and the cause of Allah’s nearness.

16   Your retired clothes are new for the needy.

17   Life is short. Do not lose your temper. Do not keep grudges. Do not spoil your acquaintances and relations.

18   You have support of the most helpful  and the most wealthiest of all(i.e Allah )trust him and be happy.

19   Do not close the doors of acceptance of the prays by sinful activities.

20   Namaz  (prayer)  is the helper in bearing with the difficult times or in coping up with the responsibilities.

21   Keep away from the doubts make others happy and be happy too.

22  The reason behind all the sorrows and griefs are the distance from the Rab. Make it to an account.

23   Manage your prayers it will go till grave.

24    Do not backbite or if someone else is doing stop him.

25   Sura Mulk recitation is the cause of freedom from the hell.

26   The prayer without interest and the eyes without tears are deprivation.come out of it.

27   Keep away from harming others.

28    All the love is for Allah and Prophet PBUH and good conduct is for the human beings.

29   Whoever is backbiting for you forgive him. He is already rending his good deeds to you.

30   Prayer, recitation and remembrance  is the shine of the face, contentment of the heart and a motivation to do more good deeds.

31   Remember the hellfire it will make easier the prevention from the sins.

32  When the night does not stay forever then the clouds of gloom  will clear out. Toughness will convert into ease.

33   Give up the argument. You have more important things to do.

34   Offer the prayers with the immense delight. Rest is less important.

35 Keep the Quran in your access anytime. Recitation of a single verse is better than this worldly affairs.

36 The beauty of the life is nothing without faith.

37 Because the dead has seen the profit of the charity that’s why he wants to come alive and does so.  Give charity.On the day of judgement, Momin will be in the shadow of his/her charity.


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