memorize QURAN like a breeze

Memorise Quran Like a Breeze

Memorise Quran Like a Breeze

Most of us are too busy with the life. May it be work, house hold or shopping, there isn’t enough time. Especially, there is very little time to read Quran. Gone are the days where Muslims did not know what Quran says or they claimed it too complicated to understand. Now, in this life of ever growing technology, most of us have access to all means of reading and understanding Quran. Many of us have tasted peace in hands of Quran no matter how little time you spend with it. This article is for those brothers and sisters who want to read or memorize a small part of Quran daily, without much strain!

Step 1: Let the Qira’at Play

My first tip to memorize Quran, is to get the audio version of Quran in Arabic with translation in your mother language. Some may feel that Quran is too sacred to play it around casually. The thing is, Quran is supposed to be with you all the time and hearing to Quran is the first step in familiarizing yourself with Quran. Listen to it:


  • On your way to work and on your way home.
  • While you run here and there, getting ready for work/university in the morning.
  • Pay attention to the audio while in kitchen, washing clothes or cleaning
  • Listen to it as you are preparing for your exam.
  • While you are shopping.

It is not always that you can concentrate on it. Human mind won’t pick up everything continuously, but you will pick up bits and pieces here and there. I heard friends saying, how they had not been listening to the Quran playing in the background but then suddenly when they listen there would be verses providing them exactly what they want. These are small miracle Allah does for us. So don’t miss your miracle.

Step 2: Just Read It

The second step is to take five to ten minutes, every day for the Quran. From my experience the most working time would be after fajar or before you go to sleep.

  • Select a Surah or particular set of verses you want to memorise. Read it twice or thrice.
  • If you are slow, read it once but read it daily.
  • Don’t leave out its translation.
  • Do not concentrate on more than you can handle. When you start, don’t concentrate on more than 5 verses.
  • Read it for a week; once or twice daily. If you have been listening to the audio, here you will have the advantage of familiar words. Because when you just read Quran, it takes time to familiarize with the words and pronunciation. So it will be a lot easier reading it, as you had been listening to the words.

For this technique to work, you need to defeat the excuses.  There are lot of excuses which may seems so justifiable as you decide to spend ten minutes with Quran. The phone battery might be low. Your child may be fuzzy or you may feel sleepy.

Step 3: Memorize

After you are familiar with the verses, almost in an effortless way, now all you have to do is to sit down a little longer to memorize the order of the words and the verse. This is perhaps the easiest step out of all. It is also the step that makes you hesitate a lot. But without this step Quran will always remain in bits and pieces in your memory. Once you taste the sweetness of remembering the verses, and the accomplishment you feel when you reach the end, even though you were struck and stammered along the way, makes you overdo it.

You may end up memorising 10 verses, while you only got familiar with 5. You have to be careful when this happens because when you confront 5 new verses you are not familiar with them in a single go, it weighs you down. Especially when you recite it later, you will have to put in extra effort to recall them.

If you want memorization to be effortless, adopt the first two steps.

Step 4: Never Let It Go

As much as you memorise Quran, it evaporates as easily. And you can not prevent it without revising and reciting them regularly. No matter how small the surah is or how thorough you may have memorized, it always needs efforts to keep them in your memory. If you don’t revise it frequently, wrong pronunciations and small mistakes will find their way. Since Arabic is not the mother language of most of us, the probability of mistakes is very high.

For example, let us take two verses from Surah Al-Lail.

:Verse No. 7 فَسَنُيَسِّرُهُ لِلْيُسْرَى

 :Verse No. 10 سَنُيَسِّرُهُ لِلْعُسْرَى


These two verses do not have much difference in pronunciation, but just see the translation,

Verse No. 7: We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness).

Verse No. 10: We will make smooth for him the path for evil.

They have the opposite meaning! And every time you recite it wrong, you are changing the whole meaning. So without revision, these sorts of mistakes are unavoidable. So there are two steps for keeping the memory refresh all the time:

  1. Recite what you memorized in your Salah(prayer).
  2. Re-read the verses from time to time and every time you can improve either your Tajweed (the set of rules governing the way in which the words of the Quran should be pronounced during its recitation.) or you could add a Qira’at (the method of recitation).

These are four easy steps to take the words of Allah inside you. Remember two qualities- determination and consistency.

May Allah help us take advantages of its goodness, read Quran regularly and help us shape our lives as per it’s guidelines.

written by,

Najee sattar

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!






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  1. Assalamu alaykum There is no way to memorize the Qur’an except to read it again and again until you can memorize it fluently and correctly and you should keep it everyday.for avoiding to forget it. It is better if besides that you can understand its meaning too. Allah will help us if we are eager to memorize it seriously and we try hard to do it everyday.Allah says that in every difficulty there is an easiness Allah hates laziness because it is made by satans who whisper laziness into our ears

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