The Love Of Ramadan


When this writing will publish, Insha Allah the month of ramadan will be outshadowed on us. After waiting of the whole year the month of ramadan about to come and we all have few targets to achieve regarding this month. Targets like to pray to Allah with more concentration and  ask for repentance.

This month is a month of training. Satan is tied up so it is easier to follow good deeds comparatively. The same twenty four hours brings a lot of barakah. We should keep our kids in this process of training. Some activities are mentioning here so that kids are elated with the oncoming of the ramadan and get spiritually attached towards it.



First the idea of rosary making and praying mat hit the mind. Go with your kids and buy their favourite coloured beads and make a tasbeeh out of it. If you have them at your home so consume those. Same ways i use the materials of felt for the praying  mat, because we cut it threads do not come out and no need of stitching. If you have any material for the praying mat try to use it too. The place where we prostrate i pasted the felt with the different colour. You do whatever you feel like.

One box or an envelope for the sadqa(charity) ask children to decorate it themselves. No wonder whatever you have just put it with the keeping charity in your mind in the same box or in an envelope. Ask your kids to put the charity with their own hands.

One good activity is making a home masjid with a big carton. Kids can decorate it with their choice. Cut  the entrance door this much taller so that kids can crawl inside. Keep the praying mats, rosary, siparay and books in that masjid. If kids want to offer aitekaaf  (seclusion)  inside then put a mattress and few cushions. If you have small lights then add them up.

If there is not much space for the masid then make one nook in the home where they use it only for the namaz and quran recitation. Make a cut outs of paper and write ramadan mubarak on it. If you paste it on the wall it will look good too. There in one basket keep the praying mat rosary and few more regarding things . all this must be done by kids themselves you just help them or guide them.

These all activities make your kids realize that something important going to happen.  According to your capacity whatever you can do will be in their favour to know more about ramadan. Instead of celebrating big iftar parties buy few dates take out their seeds, dry them and put almonds and pack them you can top up it with the glass of rooh afza and send it to your relatives friends and neighbours whoever you want t share your iftar with. In all this packing drying and preparing for the iftar keep your kids with you. You will be amazed seeing your kids enthusiasm and keep telling them about all the activities.

Now come to another topic,tell your kids about  the translations and meanings of the smaller surahs (last twenty surahs) sura mulk sura rehman. Discuss about the day of judgement and hell according to the age of your kids. With wisdom!

Whatever you tell your kids ask them what is their reflection what have they learnt? Help them in implementing whatever they have learnt. Besides that, read something about the lives of messengers, caliphs and the companions of the messenger(PbUH) and learn. Keep one topic in mind about the behaviour and for the whole day keep practising it and if someone forgets others remind him like patience, truthfulness, not being angry etc.

Take the thoughts from the islamiat book. Keep this in  mind that there should not be a overdose. Only half an hour can make a difference. Explain them in easy beautiful way and whatever you tell them think about it that how can it be applied in the daily life.

Teach them the beautiful duas and tell them that you can ask Allah as many prays as possible because He is the one who is capable of supply you. With all this offer your prayers in the first place  and call your kids when praying.

With the devotion and love you are supposed to do it .  Alla we want is to fill our kids hearts with the love of ramadan just to make them realize that the month of ramadan brings loads of barakah, love , sweetness and help us in making ourselves a good muslim and a good human being.


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