Ways to make this Your Best Ramadhan ever

Ways to make this Your Best Ramadhan ever

Ways to make this Your Best Ramadhan ever




Every Muslim knows the real worth of The Holy Month of Ramadhan as it is the most pious month among all the months in the year. Allah SWT has set the importance of every little good deed done in this month, very high. The reward for good deeds is doubled. We as Muslims should make every effort possible to get the best of this holiest month of Islamic Calendar. According to an Ayah:

Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness”

(Q 2:183)

If you get lucky enough to see another month of Ramadhan, make sure you make the best of it like it’s the last Ramadhan of your life. Here a few tips on how to do that.


Prepare for this prestigious month in advance. Decide on making the best of it. Plan your prayers and set goals for the whole month. It is rightly said in a Hadith:

“There is no intelligence like planning”


The people who need to get medical advices should plan on doing the right thing to fast. Get ready by all means, physically and mentally to get the best of Ramadhan.



Make sure you remove all the distractions and plan on making all the sacrifices to achieve your religious goals. Minimize the use of things that will distract you from keep getting closer to Allah SWT through prayers. Be consistent in your deeds. Set time tables on how you would get the plans fulfilled. According to a Hadith

“The most beloved actions in the sight of Allah are those done regularly though they may be small”





Main purpose of this Holy Month is the removal of sins and gaining reward by doing the pious deeds at its best. It’s important to make sure that you avoid every bit if the act that is prohibited or forbidden. Even avoiding the smallest sins would get you much closer to Allah Almighty.

Avoid lies, stealing and using bad words. Try to avoid watching Television and listening to Music. If you stay hungry and thirsty but keep doing the sins and bad deeds Allah SWT won’t reward you for just staying without food all day?

“There may be people who fast and gain nothing from their fast except hunger”

(Ibn Majah)


Allah SWT has revealed the Holy Quran in the month of Ramadhan which also makes this month of great importance. According to an Ayat:

“The month of Ramadhan in which the Quran was revealed”

(Quran 2:185)

It’s important for a Muslim to understand the worth of reciting Quran in this special month of Ramadhan. Every word of Quran recited in this month will be of great importance. Everyone who can recite properly needs to recite the complete Holy Book at least once and try to recite it even more than once. Allah will surely increase the rank in Jannah.



Every Muslim needs to offer five prayers a day. It is obligatory for every Muslim irrespective of the month. But in Ramadhan extra care should be taken about your prayers. Every Muslim should pray five times a day and make those prayers a must thing. The reward will be doubled as well as the fast won’t be complete without them.

Your fast is never complete if you don’t pray whole heartedly five times a day. According to a Hadith:

“Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from the Fire.”

So make sure to pray all the five times and get the most of Ramadhan.




Every little thing done or even planned to do makes a big difference in Ramadhan. Even doing any small thing with purified intentions counts as a good deed that can be rewarded for. Making Allah SWT happy by remembrance of Him and making dua or helping another would get a person a big reward from the creator. Taking good care of animals and other creatures and giving kind gestures is also a way to show love to each other and make Allah happy.


Every Muslim fasts from dawn to Dusk. It is the duty of every one of us to be careful that all our fellow Muslims get sufficient food for suhoor and aftaari and if anyone doesn’t we should help them in getting their food.

We should not waste food and make sure we stay humble and kind to every poor or rich. We should make sure we keep humanity and kindness alive in every way possible. We should take example of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW as He was famous for his generosity and follow Sunnah and Quran to spend our Ramadhan according to His life.


Offer Voluntary prayers as much as you can. There are a lot of extra prayers for Ramadhan for special nights and even days. Minimize your sleep and maximize the time of prayers. Offer extra rakahs in you prayer and prolong the Sujood.

Make dua and recite verses. Make sure you seek the nights of Ramadhan and cry for forgiveness. Ask for things from Allah Almighty and make your way to Heaven.

According to a Hadith

“Dua is the essence of worship”




Keeping in mind all of this we should think that this Ramadhan or the Ramadhan approaching is the final Ramadhan of our lives and make the best of it in every manner. Allah SWT might forgive our sins and reward us with the best of rewards. You have to think day and night about how you are going to please your creator and make a special place in Jannah. The doors for forgiveness are opened by Allah SWT and He gives the maximum benefits to us as Muslims in this Holy Month. Fasting is the important pillar of Islam and we should make sure we strengthen our place in every way possible. According to an Ayat.

“The most honored by Allah amongst you are those best in taqwaa.”

(Q 49:13)

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!



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