Small Incident that change our Lives — A TRUE STORY

Relation of creator and creation

Sometimes small incident or accident is also the reason to change our lives. Same happened with me as well. Now whenever I remember this incident which happened past 10 years ago, it sent shivers to my spine. When my son was just 5 months old when he caught flu and fever. He consulted the doctor. He said give steam along with the medications. I kept the big pan on the stove to boil the water for steam and then I sat along with my son. He was sleeping and I was looking at his innocent face.




Meanwhile, a mosquito sat on his face. Slowly I smacked the mosquito but it wasn’t dead. I picked it up and started staring it. I didn’t know what happened to me, I broke its legs as I thought it was going to die and I threw it. Then I took my son in kitchen for the steam. It was just few minutes in giving steam; I didn’t know how the pan of boiling water fell on my leg. I ran from the kitchen screaming and shouting.


Thank God, my son didn’t fell from hands. It was so painful that I can’t describe in words and my both legs were burnt badly. For some time I was in pain but later it was fine. But until today my heart hurts, still there is regret that how I have considered inferior to the creation of ALLAH and I maltreat with it. And after few minutes Allah took the revenge from me for the mistreatment to His creation.


Because Allah has special relation with all His creations. This is the relation between creator and creation. That is why it is mentioned in Quran that don’t kill the animals badly even they are allowed to kill. It is said in books that if you come to know that animal is thirsty give water and then kill them. However, this incident changed my life. At every moment I seek forgiveness from Allah and thank Him that His punishment opened my eyes.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life! 

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1 thought on “Small Incident that change our Lives — A TRUE STORY”

  1. How do we know if we are hurt or fall ill etc that this is a punishment from Allah??
    We don’t!!
    So to believe it is punishment for something we did wrong is a firm of shirk. Please be careful in what you publish as your readers may believe this too.

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