Open Your Arms and Greet Ramadan!

Alhamdulillah we all have been blessed with the precious month of Ramadan again in our lives. It seems like just yesterday when we were greeting this month last year and now it’s here again after a year with all its shine and gleam so that we may welcome it and allow it to illuminate our lives with the immense blessings of Allah SWT.

“O’ month of obedience, O’ month of blessings and mercy, O’ month of spiritual cleansing, O’ month of purity, welcome Abroad!”

As we step into this month and greet it, we must evaluate our previous year with respect to our acts, deeds, behaviors and our relationship with the Almighty. We must question ourselves as to what we have gained, improved and worked upon since the last Ramadan?
What were we able to preserve from the blessed month for the remaining months? What is it that we held on to, for some days and then it just faded away? Did we really take some practical steps to achieve progress towards our Lord? Had we made some efforts in the previous year, we would now be able to enhance our ways and expand our reach to new horizons.

My brothers and sisters! Purity your souls through prayer, fasting, obedience and submission! Repent repeatedly and sincerely until your Lord is pleased with you. Delight your Lord with your worship, with your enthusiasm to attain His pleasure and His nearness.

Be careful not to let this Ramadan pass by you, without you purifying your soul, without you softening your heart and submitting it to the Almighty. Utilize each moment of this precious month to rub yourself of sins, to wash the stains on your heart through the tears of regret and guilt. Bath yourself in the light and mercy of the Lord Almighty. Do not let go of the days, do not let go of the nights. Turn to Him, repent and ask for forgiveness again and again, for each and every sin. Develop your relationship with the Qur’aan, the book of guidance, and strengthen it so much that the words absorb in your identity.
Open your arms and greet your guest! Become the person of the Qur’aan! Become the Lord’s servant this Ramadan!

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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