On his way to a journey a husband asked his wife

“I am going somewhere (he mentioned a place), what do you want me to bring for you as a gift?”



His wife replied: “May Allah (swt) bring you back in His protection. For me this is the utmost blessing and gift in this world and the later.”

Your Spouse Your Garment, Treat Them Well

Now you can imagine any husband’s feelings after hearing these pleasant words from his wife. How content he must feel thinking that he is the one who is truly loved by his wife and not the worldly things.

Few things which should be highlighted are when he returns home from his journey ask him about his welfare, his health, how he is? How did it all go? Arrange some food for him etc. Be a good listener as he might want to narrate you his experience. Out of all, the most important deed is to offer prayer and say thanks to Allah Who brought him back to you, safe and protected.

Husband’s Indiscretion and the Reply of an Intelligent Wife


Try to avoid questioning him straightly as he stepped into the house like

what did u bring for me?

What did u bring for our children?

How much money you earned?

Why you have earned so less when you spent so many days there? Etc.

This will only create distance in between you. But you can ask him later on in a good way. If he brought you something show him that you are glad with it even if you do not like its design or print or anything else otherwise your disliking will break his heart and drive him away because it’s not the thing that matters its actually the care for you he wanted to show behind a gift of his own choice. If you will accept it the next time he will bring you the best he could to make you feel that he cares about you. In case you do not like the thing you can say it as

“Alhamdulillah you brought me a really good stuff. May Allah almighty bless you and protect you. Although I like it very much but I like this color or that design (mention the one you like) so, if you got another chance I would love to have that too.”

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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  1. Etiquette of welcoming husband…..
    I think the most important etiquette for welcoming husband is…That a wife should be presentable ( clean n neat )….Or jus add a dash of makeup ( beautifying urself for ur husband is in shariyath )…..Open the door for him with a warm n Loving smile…. Inquire abt his day….
    By following tis…..A woman forces her husband to shed away his tension at the doorstep of the house…N then there is love n peace!

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