love letter husband from his beloved wife

Love Letter to husband from his beloved Wife

Love Letter to My Husband


My beloved Husband,



Living with you, thinking of you, taking care of you, none can stop me from loving you more n more each day. It seems like a never-ending process. Each day doing more for you seems less. Marriage seems to be a process in which you learn each day about the person Allah has chosen for you to spend life with and depend upon him for the rest of your life. When I started my journey with you I felt I know you well, enough to deal with the daily deals we shall come across. But I was wrong, there’s a lot to know about a person once you start living with them.

To love and to be loved by a person who is willing to share his soul with you has been a greatest experience of my life. Being married means you will be taking care of the person’s basic needs, who is already making plans of providing you with best he could. My heart melts every time I cook and you find it delicious. It gives me spark of doing well every other time. I feel the prettiest when you give me a look of appraisal ,I don’t enjoy events without your presence, I don’t feel connected to the world anymore, all I think of, is making things your way. All this and more including all my flaws too.

I am not always good !

I know, I don’t always look good, sometimes over-cook the food but you always appreciate n give me a chance to improve. This is just a small example but on a bigger scale being married sooner or later both of the souls expose there good and bad sides, strong and weak points and hence Quran has beautifully described us, as cloth to cover each other…


Having this knowledge in mind, we shall both play our parts shielding each other. When we both shall move under the enlightenment of Islamic knowledge and with a deep trust, we will have a smooth belief that our bond of marriage is protected by the other half. A cloth is used to cover, & here the word “cover” means to protect each other from all the dark shadows of life. Covering your spouse with a treasure of immense love is a complete feeling. It cannot be bought by spending millions but can be achieved by showing little gestures of supporting in routine tasks; listening to her sad heart, patting her shoulder when she feels low and sometimes by standing beside her.

With moderate earning, life of a married couple is not an easy thing. They both have to go through many uncalled examinations of random links and responsibilities. Time changes people, and marriages seems boring after going through same responsibilities, routine, kids and jobs. But, if your partner has seeded an unconditional love in your heart, then, you will surely go through this excitement of pure love daily. That is how it should be, and YOU, my loving husband, had given me all the sacred feelings of trust, sincerity, support & love.

You Taught Me !

You taught me that marriage is not always easy or smooth but sometimes it gets hard and many times it gets hardest. But the best of the bonds are those who grew stronger after passing through storms. Miss-understandings, miss-communications are natural and even madly in love people can’t resist such happenstance but what makes them keep going is the trust in the bond of marriage which brings them closer each time.

I like to conclude my letter letting you know that all we share in between, is might be shared by many other couples, but we can make it special for ourselves by enjoying every bit of it. I want to grow old with you knowing you more and sharing more n more of my life with you, to have kids and raise them together is utterly blissful for me. All I want you to know is not to get too serious in life that we might forget to live our moments. We can make everything brighter n happier only with the trust in each other. The other day, I read a quote on internet, let me share with you as I laughed over it but at the same time I know it makes a serious point too.


Michel de Montagne


With Love!



Your Better-half


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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!  

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7 thoughts on “Love Letter to husband from his beloved Wife”

  1. I have a unique situation which warrants seeking advice.

    I have deep admiration and respect for a Muslim man with whom I sincerely desire an interpersonal connection and friendship. Because of my unconditional positive regard for him, I am quite reserved and modest.

    My concern is expressing my best regard for him without seeming too forward or insulting. I am distinctly mindful of not wanting to do anything which may be perceived as being improper, because I very much would like to generate mutual feelings and garner his favorable attention.

    To complicate the matter somewhat, we met in the course of his profession. He is a service provider and I, his client. After our first appointment, I decided it would be best not to continue as his client as my goal was to establish a friendship and not be hindered by professional boundaries.

    I returned to his office on one occasion to retrieve some paperwork and though I am not Muslim, decided to wear a hijab out of respect for him.

    We are in the States. I was born here. He came here from Egypt 45 years ago.

    I wonder how I can make myself worthy of his time and attention. If I wrote a letter to him expressing my most sincere intentions, I would send it anonymously, yet with enough information suggested for him to detect my identity.

    Any advice on what words to write, which would appeal to a distinguished Muslim man and reflect my best quality to encourage his favorable response, would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Assalamu alaikum….i have face a big problem now…..this is my saddest part of my life… family is my life…. id been married for ten years with 2 kids Alhamdulillah …since we move in middle east for work….me and my wife starting to fight because of our schedule for our work….her work started 8am till 4pm…my work also 2pm till 12am….everyday ill wait for her in our house to take care of our kids and i need to go also in my work….. schedule since then we always fight because she cannot go home early because they always go out of her friends just like 3x a week..and my work started suffering…im always late in my work…in one time we fight i hit her slap but not too strong…..I didn’t meant it….im very sad because id promise to my self that i dnt want to hurt anybody especially to my wife…2weeks before our vacation i did umrah in makkah….I promise to my self that i will totally change……2weeks before our vacation were so happy family…eating outside talking as normal couples….when we arrive in our country june 28 everything is normal meet my mother in law….june 31 when i got home in my place 9hours far away by bus from my wifes home…..when I reached at home ill txt my wife and call her if they were ok….didn’t answer….and nxt things will happen is my mother in law called me that …” dnt call me mother anymore and dnt go back here u dnt have family anymore….i was shocked.. her anty and unkle called me that dnt go back here anymore….now i know that my wife told everything what happen between us…..everything from small problems to big problem….supposedly only between us….but she did is she tell all of her clan…..after 2 weeks from that happen they txt me that u have to sign the divorce paper…and they told me u have to sign this or else we fille a case against u…child abuse and womens abuse…im so shocked…then im scared then i did sign the divorce paper not knowing the on what happen next….1 month I didn’t see my kids…i saw my kids in the airport…..because we have back in forth plane ticket go back to middle east…then when i saw my kids i uug then both and im just cry….i ask my wife about my passport she tried to scared me that my passport they gave to her unkle…I almost died because how can i see my kids? My kids they grew up with me since birth….I started making a video on my phone because I thought i cant be with them again….when were eating in the airport while discussing about what happen i stop eating….i lost my appetite….i put my food in the plastic and my wife says just finish your food its hard to eat inside…..then i ask here why? She said your passport is here….I fell relieved….because we’re going back together in middle east…she said that your not allowed to stay in our home again….just stay in the other house…i agreed what her plan….the important is i can see my kids even twice a week or thrice a week…and now she told me that when the RTO comes from the sharia law of muslim marriage….she told me that I cannot see my kids and I cannot touch my kids anymore…i cannot explain express my fellings now….i just like a candle….slowly dying….please give me some advice and help me to solve my problem….

    1. As salam u alykum brother, I can’t feel the way you are hurted. May Allah ease your pain..Try to talk with your wife and let her know all this your feelings. If she understands then it’s Allah rehmat otherwise let it be and be patient (I know it’s hard) as this duniya is only for few days or hours. Be patient with the people who does injustice with you for the sake of Allah and in sha Allah , Allah will give you better than this at the perfect time ( here or hereafter) .
      Moreover make dua which is to be read at the time of calamity.
      #idont remember that dua
      But indeed Allah will replace everything you lost with best , the best for you at best time.

    2. Salam, I hope your problem has been resolved in sh Allah. If not, if you try to meet with her family in a very mature , positive way, by not being defensive. Then explain to your in laws how you understand and have had a lot of time to reflect upon yourself, and would like to change your situation by being a husband who has more time for his wife and children, & understand that you need to deal with situations more calmly and not physically. And then go on to ask forgiveness to your in laws and wife, and also remind how if Allah swt can be merciful and forgive, then how people should also be forgiving. Marriage is hard work, and involving family isn’t always the wisest thing to do, but sometimes a wife feels she has nobody left to talk to, & she does let out her feelings to her family. Likewise, if you have a daughter, you wouldn’t want her to be in the same situation one day with her husband who makes her feel so upset and hurt, you would also want to be able to help her. But asking for forgiveness is the key to save all marriages, we all make mistakes, but ego and not asking for forgiveness is what truly builds up the resentment and makes the drift bigger and bigger. Just to finish off, this also pleases shaytan as that’s his aim to keep the ego inflamed and not ask for forgiveness . I pray all couples understand this and make this important change in sh Allah . Ameen

  3. Aoa.. my name is Amna Meraj Muhammad. I m also a major in both English language & linguistics. I usually read the posts posted on the pious couple, but while reading it I do find spelling and grammatical errors.. I also want to contribute to it.

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