Getting depress because of not having children

Getting depress because of not having children

Getting Depress because of not having Children

many brothers and sisters are getting depress because of not having children or not getting married.



Remember this is not the goal of our life to get married or have kids,

it’s a mean to get closer to Allah SWT .

Our goal is to worship and please our CREATOR.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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4 thoughts on “Getting depress because of not having children”

  1. What to do if you feel alone (having no marriage no kids).. and friends of your age are already busy with their familes, spouse and children. Being female cant go out for social connections and help others out side.. how to spend life?
    Being very true.. cant pray salah 24 hours or Quran 24 hours.. we can divide time for that.. but its not about 1 or 2 days or week.. how to spend life

  2. Of course it is not a goal but much better is worship God with calm heart inside. Its really amazing if you can say “thank you” more than “please let us have…” but of course He know better what is good for us…so what to do? You can make dua and belive in His mercy.

  3. Yes this is correct that our goal is not this, but if u see marriage can save a person from bad deeds or adultry or fornication etc, that’s way in Quran it is said that don’t delay in nikah, so if a person is depress of due to not getting marry what a person do in that case ? What will be the solution for this…..?

    1. Am a victim too cause am searching for the pious husband one tends to get depressed of not being married cause as a married woman you are more respected,people see single ladies has not the serious type that they tend to forincate rather than being under a man which will complete half our deen.

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