dont kill your children

Don’t kill your children

Don’t kill your children

“You are pregnant,” replied the lady doctor to Amna. Amna was feeling so happy on hearing this news.

“I hope Zarbab may feel happy too,” Amna thought to herself. She knew that Zarbab did not want any kids. Whenever Amna tried to have a discussion on kids, he would ignore it. She knew that, but she thought since it has been a year they were married, maybe now Zarbab would feel happy for kids.



“Zarbab, you are going to be a father soon,” Amna told Zarbab happily.

“What! Amna you know I would never agree to this. How did you even thought of having kids now?” Zarbab replied angrily.

“But I want to have kids now, I am 22 years old and I want to be a mother,” Amna replied with tears in her eyes.

“No, and don’t try to argue with me. We are not having this baby. I am going to talk to the doctor to abort it as we are having financial issues and you will have to agree to it!” Zarbab replied and left to talk to the doctor.

Two hours later, Amna and Zarbab were heading towards their home and the gift of Allah (subhanahu wa taala) was killed in the womb of sobbing Amna.

 “In Islam, it is forbidden (haram) to abort the fetus and if this is done, it would result in the Diyah having to be paid. The Diyah is the responsibility of the person who was in charge of carrying out the abortion.”

Anam Javed

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life! 

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  1. Jazakalahu khairan, though am not married yet, but I think I will have a happy home through what I av gained here inshaallah

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