The spiritual upbringing of a child – the greatest challenge for all parents

The spiritual upbringing of a child – the greatest challenge for all parents

the greatest challenge for all parents

The spiritual upbringing of a child according to the principles of Islam is one of the biggest responsibilities of all parents. It is very important for the parents to realize that their unconditional love can sometimes lead their children to go on the wrong path. Thus a person who trains his child in the light of Quran and Allah’s commands, stops his child from evil practices and teaches him to follow Sunnah in every step of life, plays a significant role towards betterment of the society. Such a child would definitely make his family proud and his flourish would set an example for the whole society.

Contrary to this, if a parent brings up his child in a non-religious, liberal environment which is marked by excessive exposure to media, then such a child would be light years away from spiritual development and a noble personality. The trend of video games, television, celebrating non-Muslim festivals and interacting with organizations that are anti-Islamic has led to the introduction of innumerable evils in the Muslim community. And the result of all this is devastating: the younger generation is completely devoid of faith and spiritual guidance.



An extract taken from Islamic history explains a beautiful event when a father came to see Hazrat Umar (May Allah’s blessings be on him) and complained of his son’s disobedience and ill-mannerism. To this Hazrat Umar R.A. replied,

“Today, you complain of your son being disobedient and ill-mannered. But there was a time when you didn’t obey your son and mistreated him.”

The father was shocked of such an accusation. To this Hazrat Umar R.A. explained that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach his son the difference between good and bad, evil and virtue, and honesty and falsehood. If his son is on the wrong path then it is totally the fault of his father who didn’t teach him the principles set forth by Allah.

As Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) once stated,

“The good deeds you do never age, your sins are never forgotten and the one who pays you back on your deeds is immortal. Thus, be whatever you want to be because what you sow today, so shall you reap tomorrow.”

Today, if we want the upcoming generation to be virtuous and true Muslims, then it is obligatory that we change ourselves, alter our own corrupted souls and then train our children and family likewise. Until and unless our teachings are based on the principles of Islam, it is very unlikely that we can bear the fruits of a perfect society that is devoid of all evil deeds, a society that follows the path of Quran and Sunnah.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life! 

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