A hidden cruelty with women

A hidden cruelty with women


Our Common Attitude:

In our country, woman of the house whether mother or wife, no matter how much effort she makes to outperform herself, is daunted by saying that this is included in a woman’s responsibilities. If every husband and his kids think that it is the utmost responsibility of the mother or the wife that they should do their laundry, iron their clothes, cook delicious dishes for them and keep them strong and healthy; or if they are of the view that the house gets cleaned itself, all the mess that they make gets organized on its own, clean and ironed clothes get hanged in the cupboards themselves and the decor, cleanliness and comfort of the house are without the efforts of a sensible, hardworking and talented woman; then they are being unthankful for the blessing of Allah. Abstain from this and refrain others as well.




Importance of a Woman:


Remember! It is because of a woman that all the matters of the house and existence of a family are sustained. If some words of gratefulness are said in her praise it prevents from thousands of quarrels and even mental problems. Today in most of the houses, an environment of sadness and chaos is seen; you can decide it yourself that how much do the elements of thanklessness, ungratefulness, and discouragement contribute to it?


How it feels not being acknowledged?

Imagine you are an employee at a department, and you work with honesty and diligence but neither anybody appreciates your hard work and performance nor talks to you properly. So, you will not feel discouraged? In such a situation, will you continue to work with honesty and diligence? Certainly, it will not be possible for you; instead you will start thinking seriously about resigning from the job. Now, visualize the women of your house in the same perspective. You will easily resign and get disconnected from the job, but can your life partner or your mother, hurt by your apathy and thankless attitude, easily get rid of everything in the same way? Perhaps never!


Nevertheless! Owing to your mistreatment, misconduct, ungratefulness and thanklessness; who can stop these wretched women from being hopeless?


The truth is that a human being does not get tired because of over work as much as he gets tired because of discouragement. All his enthusiasm fades and all his reflexes become weak.


Caring For Women:

A woman gets more affected by discouragement because of her sensitive and delicate nature. Not only she feels tired, but she becomes a mental patient. Therefore, from now onwards make a pledge that you will always praise your wife for her good deeds.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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