18 steps to gain closeness to Allah swt

18 steps to gain closeness to Allah swt

18 steps to gain closeness to Allah swt

How sad is it that society today is practically changed. Life has never been the same . Today we are faced with many challenges and therefor our focus had been moved to that of our problems. With that of our moved focus we look for comfort and contentment In the wrong places. Allah had said that Our ummah ( The Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)) would be tested by means of wealth just like the other nations were tested.

We need to remember that this world is never going to last. We need to remember that The Akhira was created for us. We need to remember that every conflict , every problem , every situation whether good or bad that comes before us has been given by Allah. We often forget him when things are going well, and so he often tests us.
We need to understand that Life without Allah has no purpose.



Guidance comes from Allah

Guidance surely comes from Allah , If he guides you there is no one who can misguide you , and if he misguides you there is no other than Allah who can give you guidance. But certainly Effort into gaining closeness to Allah is needed. Allah is greater than anything in your life. How to gain closeness to Allah? It is soo amazing that Allah is so merciful towards his creation.

  1. Make Allah your priority
  2. Indulge in Zikr
  3. Ask Allah for Forgiveness
  4. Intention Should be based on pleasing Allah
  5. Perform Salah On time
  6. Allah had said that if you wish to gain closeness to him, you should perform Nafl acts.
  7. Be in the company of those that remind you of Allah
  8. Practice a Sunnah everyday
  9. Recite the Quraan daily
  10. Practice what you preach
  11. Perform good deeds
  12. Make dua to Allah
  13. Never look down upon anyone
  14. Always initiate good
  15. Depend on Allah alone
  16. Be grateful to him
  17. Remind yourself of the Akhira
  18. Seek knowledge

With this said I would like to quote one of the most special sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W).In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful THE HOLY PROPHET Portrays Himself

When asked by Hazrat Ali (Radiyallahu Anhu), his son in law, about his way of life he replied:

Mediation in Allah is my Capital.
Reason and sound Logic is the root of my Religion.
Love is the Foundation of my existence.
Enthusiasm is the Vehicle of my life.
Contemplation of Allah is my companion.
Faith is the source of my Power.
Sorrow is my Friend.
Knowledge is my Weapon.
Patience is my Garb and Virtue.
Submission to the Divine Will, is my Pride.
Truth is my Salvation.
Worship is my Habit.And in Prayer lies the coolness of my Eye and the Peace of Mind.

Author didn’t provide reference for the above quote

May Allah Guide Us

May Allah give us the ability to become Followers and Help us prosper in this world for the Akhira, May he Guide each and every being that is alive, and May he make us one of those who are pious in his eyes. May he grant us opportunity to live in his religion and give us the way forward for achieving the highest rank in Jannah. May he change our heart to his path and Make this life our least concern. May he help us with our trials and tribulations and may he grant us strength to overcome it by having Trust in him.
In sha Allah


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