Ways to influence the heart of husband

Ways to influence the heart of husband

Ways to influence the heart of husband


How can a wife open the closed locks of husband’s heart? No matter how much a husband is careless, nature has given him melodious voice, smile spreading forehead, soft talking tongue, two lips to attract and injure, two caring and encouraging eyes, and soft and sensitive tips of fingers. Saint wife can make husband her own and only her own by using these qualities.



If a woman says give me such flattery that my husband should start loving me, then it will be very shocking as Allah has made her every action flattery and kept more effect in everything of her than enchant, so which flattery she wants?

Women’s beauty:


Yes, it is quite understandable if husband asks for flattery so that wife should start loving her. This issue can be put into light and tell the ways to the problem. But women’s body, her height, her voice, and superior to all her sacrificing and understanding quality has that attraction which no one can compete. In regard to attraction, not any stone of emerald and piece of magnet have such attraction which a woman has on a man.

Therefore, a sensible wife does not need any flattery to gain husbands love or to increase it. But if someone has such a type of husband in their destiny, who must have to be corrected by sensibility then we present five solutions to open the closed locks of his heart so that the saint wife may be successful by following all these.



First of all, the thing which affects the heart and mind of a man is the glimpse of her, because the eye decides first how will she be for me?  Then his heart decides yes or no.

If his sight falls at the good condition, good clean clothes and face of wife, then he falls in love with her and she makes a place in his heart.

That’s why one sensible women of an Arab advised her daughter that

Your husband should never see you in any bad condition. Always take care of your cleanliness.”

Women should also keep her bedroom clean and take care of cleanliness of their children with keeping herself clean and neat.

Because some famous psychologist said,

“We collected many samples of man and learned that neatness of room, keeping green plants and some flowers in it, hanging nonliving beautiful natural things and setting clean white bed sheets on bed on which beautiful pillows are kept with manners help a lot in giving satisfaction comfort to the heart.”



Just one melodious voice of a saint wife is enough to win the heart of man. It is very shocking when a woman says that

“My husband beats and shouts very much at me, he neither listens to me nor takes me anywhere.”

Even that Allah has given such melodious voice to her that if she uses it at the right time, then the chirping of quail, the poems of birds, chirping of canary, all these sceneries of nature at one side but the sweet saying “Yes, I am here. Say, what is your order?”  The soft hearted and obedient wife is very much sufficient for melting her husband’s heart and to arise a new hope in the dead heart.

May Allah bless the husband and wife both with melodious voice. (Ameen)



Some may not have ever imagined that Allah has kept so many efficacies in the power of smelling. And especially the power of smell is more important in sexual relations. Therefore it is said that

“A scent comes from the adeno of women through the skin which can make the men lost and men are attracted to women due to this scent from many years. Men are attracted to the women having more scent. And are attracted less towards the women having less scent”

However, women should use perfumes for men whose scent will reach to his mind and heart through his nose. Perfume which has more color and fewer odours must be used. For example, Hina etc

Therefore, women should use such perfumes for her husband time to time. It is also very effective to do makeup and wear good clothes and use perfumes to increase love and affection between them. Scent satisfies the heart and the angels also feel relaxed.

In the importance and effectiveness of scent, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ has not permitted women to roam on the footpaths after putting on perfume so that the men are not engaged in any test or wrong stuff.

Also Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said

“I like there things of your world: women, scent and the rest of my eyes is kept in prayer.”

That’s why women should not use perfume while going to events so that non-mahram men are not attracted towards her. She should only use perfume for her husband at home, and as it is passed that the best scent is water, therefore use more water. Taking a bath and ablution should be highly entertained, likewise, the teeth must also be cleaned and specially use of perfume or musk should be used after getting free from special days.

Hazrat Ayesha said that one woman asked Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ the condition of taking an obligatory bath. He told her the condition and said

“Take a piece of water carrying bag and clean yourself”

She asked

“How can I clean myself with a piece of water carrying bag?”

She again asked


He said

“Subhan Allah (you don’t know this too that) clean yourself.”

Hazrat Ayesha RA says

“Then I pulled her towards me and explained what Hazrat Muhammad said that move that piece of water carrying bag on special places”

Sprinkle perfume in the room of your husband or put a scented piece of wood in the room. Also, put scent on your husband with your hands because it is Sunnah. The Islamic benefit is that it will increase love between husband and wife. You will be awarded in hereafter, if you comply on it as an intention of Sunnah.

Hazrat Ayesha RA said

“When Hazrat Muhammad wore Ehraam and performed the pillars of Hajj then before tawaaf -eziyaraat(Last Tawaaf) I put the best scent which I had.”

When Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ used to be in itikaf and Hazrat Ayesha could not come to the mosque due to special days, he used to put his head near the cloister and Hazrat Ayesha used to comb his hair.

Therefore, you should try to put scent on the clothes of your husband with your hand on Friday or any other day. Comb his hair so that you may be blessed with the equivalent like Hazrat Ayesha in this regard.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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  1. Zubeida. Abdulrehaman. Ottley

    Assamu’Aleikum dearest writer, author of this beautiful qualities and advice. how to achieve the attraction, love, joy and happiness in marriage. The key to happiness is within the heart and mind of a wife; to melt the heart of her husband by keeping up with Love, Affection, cleanseness of Self, home and her husband. Dressing pretty and sexy in the house, waiting for the arrival of her husband at the door, to attract hubby’s first glance with a smile, beautiful, sexily dressed. It will sure melt the heart of a hubby to look and see the beauty of his Beauty Queen. His “WIFE and A MOTHER of HIS loving Family”, Subhanal’Allah.

  2. My hubby is leaving me as m not keeping well.. I gave him xamples of huzur saw but he doesn’t understand.. I try to do my work but he is always not satisfied.. now he has sent me to my mom’s place n not having any contact wid me.. it hurts n m into depression..

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  6. hi,a have a question.after office my husband don’t shear anything or he shear nathing about his problem.masa allah we have good fininsial condition. if I go alone anywhere, he care about my cell phone not me.what should I do?

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