stop backbiting about your husbands

Stop backbiting about your husbands

My dear Muslim sisters,
This is my humble request to every single Muslim wife, not to disclose your personal issues in front of thousands or more people, as they can’t be beneficial for you at all.
Posting such information especially, about your husband is a very harmful act ofcourse. As you may know that Allah swt has given them superiority due to their responsibilities and duties over us as his family.
Love and hate are the two sides of a coin. It depends upon you and your deeds, what you achieve, “Love”of a husband or “hate”. If your husband loves his parents, that’s not wrong at all, as his paradise lies under their feet. You should also give love and respect to them. And ofcourse, don’t forget the most important thing, “The remembrance of Almighty Allah.”
By posting such issues you are actually backbiting your husband and making yourself a great sinner unknowingly, as on the Day of Judgment, whoever reads your statement, will testify against you, which can lead you to Hell fire (Jahannam).
Secondly, If you are being wronged by him in anyway, then consider this time as your trial. Make dua, have patience and Trust in Allah swt alone.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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