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For a woman, all the relatives like Father, mother, brother and husband are like shelter for her but after marriage a shadow which a man provides holds the most significant place in her life. Hadith enlightens us that after marriage husband holds most power and right over a woman. Woman has to live her life along with her husband after tieing the knot. Women mostly tend to have complaints with this very “shelter” of their life too, however I am ALHAMDULILLAH among those who received this blessing with happiness and positivity.



I can’t thank my lord enough that HE only has the power to bestow me with such a blessing and a shadow like my husband is for me. He is the one who bears all the changes and effects of four seasons and the twist and turns of time, keeping me away and safe, under the warmth of his love.

My husband is ALHAMDULILLAH very equanimous. He is always good in maintaining everyone’s right and keeping everyone happy. Some men fail to keep a balance between the affection of parents and their spouse. Few ignore parents for making there wife happy and some become blind under the continuous nagging of their parents and neglect their wife instead. Teachings of Islam are very clear in order to keep both the parties happy and satisfied, only if one considers them.

But when I say that I feel blessed this is one of the main reasons that my husband does not ignore his parents and gives them the high rank they deserve, taught by our religion and at the same time never forgets the responsibilities of his siblings too. And I, being his biggest supporter, adores him more as I know he is also conscious about my needs and respect as well.

My husband often comments that a man’s managing abilities are tested at home first. There are lot of people who are posted on highest managing ranks in offices and are doing quite well but they fail to prove themselves in family matters. When they try to pose as dictators at home thinking that the family members will behave as office employees do, they fail.

Main ingredient to lead a successful life and to become a good family man is not to dictate to your relatives but as soon as you enter your home your personality should split into an obedient son, a caring brother, a supporting husband and a responsible, loving father (if you have a child). According to Sunnah you should enter your house by greeting everyone with salaam and a loving smile. This sunnah makes many things easy, especially when their is a fued in the family it can help pave way for betterment.

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) used to greet everyone with a smile on entering the house. Following this Sunnah brings barkah at home.

In today’s life not just normal worshipers like me are ignoring such easy and daily routine Sunnahs but even the pious ones are lacking behind. Every time my beloved husband enters the home he pays salaam and his satisfying smile always brightens up my day. He does his work himself like drinking water and setting up his files, in fact if I am busy he sets his food tray too, without getting upset. He offers Salah daily and may Allah make his habit of offering Salah with punctuality strong and recurrent. He is also a reading freak. Sometimes he get so engrossed into books that be becomes unaware of his surroundings. To get his attention I have to nudge him to bring him back to earth.

Many people have a habit to stop eating when angry or upset but my darling husband’s is quite different. If somedays he is upset or in a bad mood, he would stop talking for some time but will never neglect food, as he believes that anger already kills you inside and in such a situation to not eat would be a dual mistake ☺

A dedicated wife’s life always revolves around her husband. Many husbands don’t appreciate their wife’s good habits but pin point the negativities very easily. My husband strongly objects such gestures. He is always appreciative of my good deeds and also regards my efforts. And when it comes to my weaknesses, he affectionately voices them and teaches better ways I could choose to perform few tasks. With him, I have learned to live more wisely. I make a lot of blunders and disappoint him but he always responds to my immediate apology and never yells.

He is very generous. May Allah (S.W.T) make me strong enough to always be able to take care of him. May he always be in good health, may my dear husband achieve success in this world and in the life hereafter. (ameen)

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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