Meaningful Ramadan Course(1)

Meaningful Ramadan Course

The most popular Free Ramadan TV series is back!

Meaningful Ramadan

Ramadan Legacy has teamed up with Imam Suleiman Hani from the Al Maghrib Institute, to produce Meaningful Ramadan. A free TV series, watched by tens of thousands around the world, dedicated to inspire, motivate and supercharge you with practical guidance in order to have a meaningful Ramadan. 

The most powerful month in your life

In this FREE TV SERIES, Imam Suleiman Hani will talk about:

Episode 1: Transition Into Ramadan



With Ramadan less than a week away, how do we prepare ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to make the most of this month whilst having a busy lifestyle.

Episode 2: Value Your Time For A Better Ramadan

Effective time management skills by reflecting on the beautiful lessons from Surah Al Asr and how you can effectively fill in time-gaps that are normally overlooked to maximise your time and reward in Ramadan.

Episode 3: Creating A Ramadan Vision

How do you set your intention, goals and a plan of action for the month of Ramadan. What does it mean to achieve Tawqa in Ramadan and how does our vision and goals bring us closer to Allah?

Prepare for Ramadan

Effectively prepare for the blessed month ahead with a plan of action that maxmises your reward.

Busy People's Guide

Too busy in Ramadan? No problem our content is made for people who struggle to find precious time in Ramadan.

Secret Ramadan Tips

Walk away with secret Ramadan tips from the sunnah, best practices and how the pious maximised their Ramadan.

Do you feel

  • Overwhelmed in preparing for Ramadan?
  • Unable to set tangible goals for Ramadan?
  • Lack of confidence when entering Ramadan each year?
  • Unfulfilled during and after Ramadan?
  • Regretful for not making the most of Ramadan?

Ramadan is a merciful gift from Allah swt beyond measure. Its beauty and worth exceeds anything we can envision throughout any given year within our lifetimes.

Missing out on its magnificence may leave you struggling, overwhelmed, and frustrated for the rest of the year. Conclusively, these negative effects will reflect in your personal, career, social, family and spiritual areas of life.

Would You Like to Finally Get Rid of the Things Preventing You From Leading a Meaningful Ramadan?

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