Matrimonial rights in Islam

  • It is incumbent on both spouses to maintain courteous relation.


  • It is unlawful for either spouse to procrastinate the other’s rights, or express displeasure in delivering them, or to fulfill duties harmfully or braggingly.



  • The husband may enjoy his wife in a legal manner anytime he chooses as long as this does not pose harm on her, or take her away from fulfilling religious duties.


  • It is permissible for the husband to take his wife on a trip if she has not made it a condition on him that he should not.


  • It is unlawful for a husband to have intercourse with his wife during her menstruation. It is also unlawful for him to sodomize his wife, for the anus is the place of filth.


  • The husband can force his wife to have a bath after her menstruation, to wash off impurity, or take off her body what is abominable of hair.


  • The two spouses must have a bath, or a shower after each intercourse. But if the wife is not a Muslim she does not have to be forced to do so, though it is commended.


  • If the husband goes away for over six months & his wife demands his return, he can afford it, but if he refuses, separation would ensure upon her request.


  • It is commended to mention the name of Allah upon intercourse with one’s wife saying “In the name of Allah!!! Keep Us away from the Satan & keep the Satan away from that you provided of offspring for us.


  • It is unpraiseworthy to talk much during copulation, or for man to separate himself from his spouse before ejaculation. It is unlawful to have intercourse in the presence of anyone else, or to speak about it in public.  It is unlawful to keep two wives in one home, unless they agree to this arrangement.


  • The husband has the right of preventing his wife from going out without his permission. He also has the right of preventing her from accepting employment of any type of work.


  • The husband must treat his wives fairly in allotment, overnight stay, maintenance & habitation but not copulation. If he can afford it, it is then commended.


  • If a woman travels without her husband’s permission, or refuses to travel with him, or to sleep with him, she would forgo her right of maintenance, or allotment for being disobedient.


  • It is permissible for a wife to give up her day to her co-wife with his permission, or leave it up to him to choose where to spend it.



Source :

( Reference taken from : The book of Nikah by Abu Ibraheem Al Tuwaijiry ).

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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