How to be kind towards in-laws

How to be kind towards In-laws

How to be kind towards In-laws

How are my in-laws going to treat me after marriage? Will my husband support me or them? Will I ever reach up to their expectations? And so on…

These are some of the questions that pop in the mind of every bride-to-be, no matter whether the marriage is a love marriage or an arranged one. Girls always get scared just by the thought of having a mother in-law as if they can foresee that in-laws will treat her disgracefully. Most of the time the mother in-laws and sister-in-laws are a headache but the daughter-in-laws are also supposed to understand them and try to make a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with little adjustments, if required.



As females have to leave their home and habitat to live with a new family in a new, unseen environment, and adjust with people having different habits and attitudes, so it is a bit obvious that it is the daughter-in-law who has to put more efforts in breaking the ice.

Following are some of the tips that maybe helpful for girls to be kind towards their in-laws, so that they may receive similar kindness and love, resultantly making her place in their hearts.

 Help in making breakfast

Seems a little difficult, but you can try it out. The newly wed wives usually love to make breakfast for their husbands, so they wake up early and arrange her things. If you are not a working lady, you can offer to assist your mother-in-law or the other ladies at home to make breakfast for other people, especially those going to office or schools. As we usually run short of time in the morning, so this little help will create a positive impact on others and increase your dignity.

Don’t judge or backbite them

It is not only for your in-laws but also for each and every person in your life. Times may come where your in-laws may not treat you well or talk ill about you at your back but still you have to have patience. Don’t just go and have a fight with them or give them the tag of bad in-laws. Step into their shoes, maybe they themselves had rough times before, that made them sour or maybe it was really your mistake. Whatever it maybe, you just keep on your smile and have Sabar (patience). Observe the situation keenly and if required, take you husband in confidence and talk politely to your in-laws to resolve the matter. Make dua to Allah as He is the all hearing.


Give them Gifts

Gifts can melt anyone’s heart. You can buy clothes or jewellery for your mother- and sister-in-law on occasion like their birthday or anniversary. Try to know their likes and dislikes and buy gifts accordingly. Don’t think that you are wasting your money but think it as your own good, eventually it will enhance your value in their hearts.


Take good care of your Husband

Do not forget about your husband while trying to increase companionability with your in-laws. Cook good food for him, take care of his clothes, and other belongings. Get ready for him, when he comes back from office. Take out at least whole 1-2 hour from your schedule to have chit chat with him, ask him how was his day, and also share yours.


Be consistent in remembrance of Allah

The most important advice for all of us, is to be consistent in your prayer. Remember, Allah is sufficient for all. Sometimes, no advice may be useful for you. The time may become too difficult, but remember that Allah is always with you. Allah loves you very much.


I hope these advises will help you in your married life. 🙂


Anam Javed

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!



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  1. U have only given about daughter in law in this article. Why not mention about son in law as well, how they r supposed to behave.

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