Islamic Solutions for Modern Man’s Health Problems

Islamic Solutions for Modern Man’s Health Problems

Islamic Solutions for Modern Man’s Health Problems

Islam, unlike what you know is not a religion; rather a complete code of life. All the fasting and prostrations are not mere rituals but are health inducing acts. These services can actually bring solution to lots of our modern day health challenge. Diseases like diabetics, cholesterol, acidity, blood pressure, obesity, depression are so wide spread that they have become a part of our normal life. No matter how acute, they are still diseases.

  1. Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the main factors that challenge our health. Islam restores hygiene to an extent, that, it calls cleanliness half of the faith. Thus it is impossible to be unhygienic if one follows Islamic values. After all it cleans you five times a day with the obligatory ablution. Islam also gives a great deal for cutting nails, keeping beard and hair cut proper. It does not limit the hygiene to oneself but it encourages us to keep environment clean as well.

  1. Routine

In comparison with the old days, the modern world has a lazy and inactive routine. This in turn leads to many health complications. Habits like untimed eating, late hour working, improper sleeping are modern man’s guilty pleasures that have ruined the sweetness of every day routine. Stress, anxiety, digestion complication, calcium deficiency are some of the common side effects.

  1. Sleep Timings

In order to prevent these, Islam offers you a perfect schedule. It not only insists an early to bed, early to rise notion but also specifies 10:00 pm to 4:00 am as the perfect sleeping timing. It is commonly believed that sleeping can heal many diseases. You will be surprised, if I say that while you are asleep, the pituitary gland in your brain produces a self healing fluid at the above specified time of sleep and it also immunes you against many diseases.

  1. Eating Habits

Next, in your routine is eating habits. Islam insists on eating food at early hours of day and night. Today, it is scientifically proven that eating food early helps in better weight control, less heartburn, better sleep and better energy utilization.

  • Spiritual Breaks

Islam offers spiritual breaks not once or twice but five times a day. This maintains a person’s mental health. A prayer is not only an obligation, but it has various physical and mental health benefits. Every Muslim is said to concentrate on the spot he prostrates and today it is proved that it is an optical exercise and it improves vision. Also, the prostrations are said to remove the radiation our body receives, either, through cell phone signals, Wi-Fi, or microwaves. It works in the similar way of the ground wire. And it also helps a person purifies his heart five times a day, which is a major stress reliever.

  1. Exercise

In this modern era of machines and technology, we are leading a quite inactive life; that leads to lots of health complication. On the other hand, Islam recommends physical working. It obligates every man to walk to the mosque five times a day and every woman to do their daily household chores. This is not to burden a man or stereo-type a woman. But it is rather for their benefits. The physical works has proved to be a good anti-depressant. These physical activities may seem a burden especially for women but it strengthens them from inside.

  1. Control Your Anger

Islam also insists people to be nice and condemns getting angry. It is recently proved that being nice is the nature of a human brain. Islam advises a person to keep smiling and it equates smiling to charity; science has declared the smile as the best anti-depressant.

  1. Diet

Islam directs us to fill one third of the stomach with food, another one third with drink and keep one third empty. Islam has limited Muslim’s diet by allowing only halal food. Use of pork is prohibited. Pork has the ability to get contaminated easily and is prone to the growth of round worms which can be a huge threat to your health. Common belief of Halal food is that the animal is slaughtered after saying a supplication. It is actually the method of slaughtering in which the main vein (jugular vein) in the neck is cut first so that the connection between the heart and brain is cut down and all the blood is drained from the animal’s body; to prevent blood contamination of meat.

  1. Fasting

Then there is the ever exhausting fasting. According to common belief fasting induces weight loss. But against all odds you will only lose weight by fasting till the unwanted fats are melted and after that there won’t be any weight loss. Fasting improves insulin sensitivity, speeds up metabolism, enhance your life span, eating pattern, immunity and brain function. Thus Islam has listed the diet for every possible life conditions. Though some constraints may seem bitter they actually are a stepping stone towards a better health.

Thus Islam provides all means to retain health in our day to day life and fights against the health challenges.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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