Importance of Halal Money and Avoidance of Haram Jobs

Muslims make (up) upto 23% (percent) of the world’s population, and are scattered across all the (the world) continents. You might be living in (the) America, Europe, Asia or Australia, but the struggles that you face to earn halal earnings are nearly the same. With banks providing a big chunk of jobs and interest being rooted in the modern society; it gets harder everyday to earn a halal livelihood. Harder still is the fact that there is an allure in haram – it offers quick cash and you will be able to pay off your debt, accumulate wealth and ensure the future of your children. But just stop there for a second and think – is that really (what’s) what is going to happen?
Abu Huraira (R.A) narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“A time will come upon the people when one will not care how one gains one’s money, legally or illegally. (Bukhari, [3:275 – O.B])”



The above hadith really sums up the fact that earning money illegally (haram ways) will become widespread, and as of now, we are beginning to witness it too. How many Muslims are there that we know are earning haram for a fact? All of us probably know someone.

1. But do we realize the consequences of our actions?

We may delude ourselves that we are safeguarding our life in this world, but we are not, and neither will we have anything for the hereafter.

It is reported by Jabir (R.A) that our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“The flesh and body that is raised on unlawful sustenance shall not enter Paradise. Hell is more deserving to the flesh that grows on one’s body out of unlawful sustenance.” (Ahmad)

We are not only dooming ourselves to an eternity of suffering, but also exposing our innocent children to this harm.

But to think that easy money is the answer to our problems is naive and delusional. How many celebs do we know who have committed suicide, even though they had everything in the world? What is it that they didn’t have in their life? If money brought happiness, all the rich people would be happy, not suffering from depression and attending therapy!!!


2. Why do people go looking for wrongful sustenance if they trust Allah?

The birds and animals don’t know if they will have lunch or dinner the next day, but does that prevent them from going out every morning in search of food? Why can’t we trust Allah like that?

But, you have to remember to do your part first, before you wait for Allah’s help. You can’t just spend your days in, thinking to get food from Jannah and an offer letter to work for Google in a few days if you didn’t even draft a proper CV! Who are you? Even the Prophet (SAW) had to toil to earn a living and even then there were times when he hadn’t eaten for days.

Have you ever starved because you didn’t have enough to eat? You might say that you have a huge debt or complain about numerous other problems, but many of us forget that how privileged we are to have food on our table.

3. So what does this tell us about halal and haram earnings?

We all know what is haram and what is halal; this article is not about the technicalities. It is about our faith, Tawakkal (trust) and Taqwa (fear of Allah), and how it all ties in with earning a halal livelihood.

4. Do we really have blind trust in Allah?

Do we truly believe that we are going to stand in front of Him one day and be answerable to everything we are doing right now?

Do we believe in our heart that we are going to leave this world one day? That we are going to die?

This post is not supposed to depress you; it’s a wakeup call.

If you are earning small but halal; you have nothing to fear. Your financial issues and problems will be over soon; have renewed faith and trust Allah – He loves you seventy times more than your mother! You might have trouble seeing it, but never doubt it. Give sadaqa and share with others whatever Allah has provided you with. Even if (it’s) it is one date only (fruit).

And if you are earning haram (don’t kid yourself, when you know you are) – Allah still loves you seventy times more than your mother! Which is why He has kept the door for halal always open for you. Give it up! Don’t worry that how in the world will you ever find another job – trust Allah – and He will create means for you from Al-Ghaib (unknown sources).

So work hard, keep praying, fear and trust Allah. It would be as if you never had any problem, or you will feel as if you don’t – because Allah will take care of it.


Written By

Kanza Zia

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  1. Hi can you talk about owning a house in the Uk with mortgage as without mortgage it is impossible to own house and live.can u pls let me know if it is allowed in Islam thanks

    1. Assalamualaykum, in order for me to start my bussiness i have to loan i a bank.. is my earning of money is consider halal or haram?

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