How to better your other half !!

How to better your other half !!

We all want to bring about some changes in our other half to make them better. Have you tried and failed?

The most effective way of doing so is by first Instilling this change in ourselves because we as a spouse have immense influence over our other half. Our actions, tone of speaking and patience can all be adopted by our spouse.



Try these useful tips and remember they really do work. You just need some patience as big changes don’t come overnight.

  • First, analyse what it is that you don’t like about your spouse I.e. Their harsh attitude towards you, their foul language or their ignorance

  • Then think about how you think your spouse should behave towards you. For example, if your husband always uses a high pitched, disrespectful tone when speaking to you, would you like him to speak to you in a softer, respectful tone??

  • Now this step is probably the most difficult. But in this step, whatever changes we have analysed for our spouse (point 2), we need to first install these changes in ourselves.

So if your husband talks to you in a disrespectful and high pitched tone, you need to remember not to react and instead use a softer pitched and a respectful tone towards him. This doesn’t mean you let him walk over you. It just means you don’t want him to react. You can most certainly tell him you don’t like him speaking to you in that way, but remember in a respectful and a softer tone.

Whenever you are faced with this attitude from him remember to keep your attitude towards him the same and don’t react! As it’s very easy to do so.!

Over time, you will see that your husband will begin to mimic you! And will start speaking to you in a respectful way. This is no joke. As he himself will see how he’s attitude towards you is totally unnecessary!!

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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  1. Expected more in this article ..not just a single point.. and that too only from the perspective of one gender. The title seemed promising!

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