Finally With you ! My beloved husband


Finally with you..



Finally I will say to you: ‘I love you ‘as much as I want
I will draw hearts between our names
I will look into your eyes
Finally I will share you your sadness and happiness
And as my heart will fly for your smile
It would cry and bleed if it saw your tear
Finally I will see you the whole days and nights
And wish to you a morning full of flowers
Finally we will go to Hajj together
And although you are still young I will call you’ ya haaj’ like the old men^_^
Finally we will go out together
And my heart may get jealous on you from the other girls 😛
It does not matter how old we will be, you will always be a prince in my eyes
And my heart will grow up loving you always
We may make noise sometimes
And be quiet at others
And even in our silence, our souls will be flying together
Finally I can say to you whatever comes on my mind
Or blame you if I felt that once I’m missing your attention
I will kill myself if you have been hurt by it one day
O’ my life, my partner
My way to Jannah

My support, and my friend
With you I will forget any bad thing
Finally our love will be mixed
To get a star that will shine your sky
I will always thank Allah for the day I have meet you
The place and time will not be mattered; I have finally been with you!
Finally I will pray behind you
And hear in your voice khosh’u of Imam
We will make dua’a together
And dream of tomorrow full of Allah’s love, and a house full of peace
I will help you to fast together
To be up fo fajr together

And with a nice prayer, we will forget any worry and be just contented by being close to Allah
We will do anything that will make us better
Reciting Quran and good deeds for dunya and akhira
In this environment our children will grow up
While our sins, darkness, and bad manners will be shrinking
Till all of us pass to the safe shore
Finally I will die and my name is belong to yours
And all of my life has been yours
I will leave our life and meet you -by mercy of start a better life
And my happiness will be double
For being in Jannah..
And for that I am finally with you 🙂

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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  1. Congratulations!!! ALLAH Niamal Wakeel was on your side, so, you could say so masha ALLAH. Not everyone is as lucky as you. May ALLAH protect you from evil eyes.

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