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Mrs. Aisha Bai explains her incident that she was habitually reciting Quran Sharif that her son Shafi whose age was just 6 years at that time went out while playing. God knows whether the door of the car was opened or closed, his right hand’s third finger stuck between the door and was almost separated. It was now just attached to the hand like a thread. My husband got so nervous that he didn’t even inform me and took him to a nearby doctor who suggested him to take the child to hospital.


During all this I was unaware and busy reciting Surah e Rehman. The Surah was just about to end that our watchmen regarded me in a tone of worry. I indicated him to keep quite by hand sign. After I finished reciting Surah e Rehman and concerned him, he told me about what happened. I immediately reached Civil Hospital. Till I reached, the doctors had put the stitches and told that the finger has to be cut from the root. I didn’t agree on it. I took my child to Karachi’s every best surgeon and two days passed during all this.




The hand started stinking and the poison was now spreading to all other body parts. Then I took my child to a famous surgeon . He corroborate every doctor’s decision that the injury is untreatable now. Stitches were not successful due to the poison that has reached till the wrist. Hence the cut should be till the wrist. My small strand of hope was broken by the words of Doctor. But still I appealed for the treatment. So Doctor arrogantly said that you are not even letting to cut the hand till wrist, if you won’t let to cut it within twenty four hours then the hand of your kid will be left till elbow only. I was fluttered after listening this. There was no surgeon left in city that I haven’t took my child to.


Then I prayed to Allah while standing there and believing on his persona.

‘’ O Lord! This incident happened while reading your words and this universe is within your hands. You are capable of everything, don’t upset me with your blessing, have mercy on my child O Lord. I will complete a Quran Sharif in one day. Just safe my child’’

The doctor consoled my heart, giving me two capsules with a bottle of dettol and asked me to wash the hands at short intervals. He said to operate my child’s hand in next twenty four hours. I asked for these twenty four hours believing in Allah and started reciting Quran Sharif in the hospital. I and my husband together completed a Quran within eighteen hours. During these eighteen hours the untreatable wound of my child started improving.

There was no stink in the wound now and it started drying. The work that famous surgeons couldn’t do, Allah’s words did within a wink. The surgeon was shocked, her great degree was let down in front of Allah’s Holy book. This incident happened about fourteen years ago but it is still alive for me. Shafi’s hand was recovered in a way that the mark of the wound also disappeared.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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