Raising the children, a divine duty from Almighty himself

From the Holy God, a major responsibility of raising the children has been given to the mothers. Sensible mothers fulfill their responsibility with diligence

What wise women do

Wise and sensible women keep an eye on the upraising of their children. They try to make them human.  They raise them with love, care, and dedication. They manage their household well even if the income is low. They raise their kids so well, that everyone who watches them praises them with awe.



Ill-mannered mothers mean ill-mannered children

Rude and uncivilized mothers get tired of their children. Their children do grow up but are no better than animals. They neither have manners to stay quiet, nor the etiquettes to speak, they keep quite when there is a need to speak, and where silence is desired, they keep blabbering.  They have no dining manners. They could care less if their clothes are torn. If they fall sick, they don’t care to get cured.  Running nose and they lick it with their tongue.  They do not abstain from anything.

Indifferent life of a spoiled child

They live in the world, and then they die like they didn’t matter. And when they died, trouble tried.  For such rude and uncivil mothers, the birth of a child is nothing short of doomsday. Even one child is a burden on their soul.

Stop blaming children, take responsibility yourself

To raise a child, a mother should pay attention to the child from the very beginning. Children are like a soft branch. You can bend it as you will. But once the branch dries up, it can no longer be bent. If someone complains to you that my kids are like this, like that, they spend too much money, they are of bad character, you should understand that this is his own fault; he did not train his child well, that resulted in the child being spoiled.

Be a role model for your children

Remember! The training of a child starts from a mother’s womb. Whatever the thoughts of the mother, a child takes the same thoughts. After a child is born, the correctness and spoilage of the child are in mother’s hands. Just as a child learns to speak and walk by watching the parents, similarly a child does what the parents do. He learns from the parents by watching their every move

Invest in a better future

A child’s future depends on his parents. Today’s children are the future parents. If we don’t raise them well, what will they teach to their own children? They are going to end up just like them. A child is a true investment of the parents. Those parents who do not tend to their children, to the wellbeing of their children, they are digging the grave of their own family.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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