Blessings of Greeting

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Blessings of Greeting

Hazrat Abu Hurera (RA) states that Holy Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said:

“You can’t enter Heaven until you are not a true Muslim. Your belief in Islam is not accomplished until you love one another and share affection. Let me tell you something that will create love among you all if you follow it and that’s greeting one another, whether you know someone or not”.

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Omer (RA) narrates that someone asked Hazrat Mohammad ﷺ about the best practice in Islam and Holy Prophet said:

“You should feed people and all others, say them greetings according to Islamic methods whether they are familiar to you or quite stranger. It’s a great blessing and you will be given huge profits for it.”

Hazrat Abu Imama says that Holy Prophet ﷺ said:

“The best among you all is one who pays greetings to others and never hesitates in doing first”

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood state that Hazrat Mohammad ﷺ said:

“Saying greetings is a word that’s one of the names of ALLAH. He introduced greetings in Islam so that you pay greetings to each other and when a man enters a place where many people are already present, he should enter before he greets all. That man will be getting special blessings of Allah because he started his discussion with the name of Allah. All the people there are supposed to reply him and if anyone doesn’t, the angels of Allah will reply that man and he will be blessed.”

In one of the Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Mohammad) it’s stated that:

“One of the backbiters is one who hesitates in saying greetings to his Muslim brothers”

The teachings of Hazrat Mohammad ﷺ  affected his companions so that Hazrat Abdullah Bin Omer (RA) used to visit bazaars just for nothing but to meet the new people and say them greetings so that he can get blessings of Allah. May Allah shower his blessings upon us all and empower us to be first when it comes to saying greetings to the Muslim brothers.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!
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