No Way Out

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No Way Out – A True Story




Nayla sat in her room sobbing. She was so upset, yet again her husband had a go at her because she told him how his mother puts her down each time and makes a comment each time she gets an opportunity. Asad wasn’t having any of it, he took his family’s side no matter what.

5 years they have been married and have no children. Nayla always blames herself because she can’t give her in laws grandchildren so they can accept her. Truth is Nayla could be made out of gold and they still wouldn’t accept her. Other daughter in laws fitted well with the family, everyone favored them but no one cared about Nayla.

This put her down more. She always said to her husband, Asad why do you always see my family’s fault but turn a blind eye when it comes to yours. Whenever she said that he would jump down her throat and shut her up. She wouldn’t argue back but go and sit quietly because she realised arguing isn’t going to get her anywhere.

Nayla stopped telling her family about her problems and to them she is living a happy life, but no one knows the pain she has to go through everyday because of her husband and his family.

She can’t understand if he wanted to take his family’s side every 5mins why did he marry her?

Why did he ruin her life?  

His mother is happy because she knows no matter what my son is still mine and will always come back to us. Why do mother in laws do that?

How can they do that to someone else’s daughter. They need to fear Allah! Fear his wrath! 

Despite all this Nayla has Sabr that InshaAllah one day she will be happy with her husband, a day will come when he will support her, stand by her and speak up for her against his own family.

Until then she has Allah to rely on….  This is a true story. Please make dua for sister Nayla and all those sisters out there who are suffering in silent.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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3 thoughts on “No Way Out”

  1. I’m going through similar situation at the moment too..been married for 21 years and can’t have children of my own…we have no other reason to argue but when hes sisters get involved thats it he loses the plot and will verbally abuse me regardless of me not being at fault its his sisters who always twist the story and lying to be the good apllin they’re brothers eyes…but my husband doesn’t see his sisters fault…oh Allah swt give me patience and sabr to tolerate this test

  2. Even my hubby is leaving me as m not keeping well.. my mother in law is encouraging him in dat.. I don’t understand what to do..

  3. First of all How does Nayla knw that she can’t have children? Has she had herself checked out? Whats her relationship like in the bedroom with her husband maybe that’s when she can talk to him but she shouldn’t put his family down but explain to him how they treat her. If all fails maybe she should try a temporary Separation. Also she needs to tell her family she needs support at this difficult time.

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