9 Things husband should do with their wife

Prophet Mohammad S.A.W said:

“When a husband and wife looked at each other with love, Allah looks at them with mercy”

Husband and wife are the two wheels of the same car which travels through the light & dark shades of life. Here are few points for hubbies to follow as the fuel for this car J


Yes a man should be conscious about his appearances as it gives a clean vibe and connects the positivity between the couple. Don’t forget guys our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W always use to do miswak and wear some nice smell.


Call your wife with a nick-name that she won’t mind. Trust me whenever she will hear that name next, she will secretly blush thinking of you. Decades ago Nabi Mohammad S.A.W set this example of calling his wives with good nick names.


Respected husbands! Regard them high because they deserve it. Just look at their face expression when you tell them how attractive they look, how the certain color suits them, how sometimes you miss their sweet cackle when away and trust me! a simple sentence “I appreciate  your cooking for me” can glow her every facial muscle. Your words mean life to them.


Smile is the best and cheapest charity. Begin at home husbands! Allah has made women with such flexibility that even if she going through something tough, she will ease her mind and heart just with your single smile. For a woman, Husband’s smile is the most satisfactory gift. I am thinking of those Hadiths which states about Prophet Mohammad giving a peck on Mother Ayesha’s forehead just when he was setting out for mosque.


Women do everything to please their hubbies and sometimes make his choices as hers just to make him comfortable. In return you can be thankful every now and then, it will not cost you much but it will inject more energy into your wife and she will continue doing the same work with more heart and enthusiasm.


All you need is to concentrate on her personality to know her. If she needs anything can you bring for her with your choice. Ask her if any of your habit bothering her. Repeat things that she likes in you and let her know you want to do things that are her favorites.


Take care of her belongings, take care of her rest, health and beauty too. We are the followers of such great personality who use to wait for her young-age wife friends so that she may play, He S.A.W slept beside the door whole night, just not to disturb her sleeping wife and there are records in which Dear Nabi (S.A.W) wiped his wife’s tears.


When was the last time you spent some quality time with your wife?

Ask yourself as it is necessary. Tell her jokes, some funny stories of your childhood. Ask her about her memorable moments. Sometimes lighter moods work as stress-relievers too. Holy Prophet (S.A.W) use to play with Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) and his famous event of racing with her is known by us all.


 “The Best of Men are Those, who are best to their wives”

Give your best in all that you can do whether it’s the financial support, emotional times, supporting her, honoring her, giving her some surprise, getting dress-up for her, give out your best gesture to make her happy. It’s not only for your wife, but don’t forget! Allah is watching you, HE made your pair with her, and you will be questioned about her on the Day of Judgment. You will never lose any respect in improvising yourself for her rather you will gain the trust and love of your life-partner.

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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!

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3 thoughts on “9 Things husband should do with their wife”

  1. What do you do when your husband has had an affair but still thinks its ok for him to go out all the time alone? when both of us work but only the wife does house work.. when he treats you like a taxi, a cleaner, never eats what I cook, never comes to bed together or speak together? When any time anything goes wrong its my fault as far as he is concerned he cant do nothing wrong

  2. AOA,
    In our culture relatives plays important role in life. In husband n wife’s personal matters they are passing comments and their involvement is must. This is not done by only parents of husband but his uncle aunt etc.
    I wanna know how to deal with them according to islam and what can a man do to stop all this without hurting anyone?


    1. Salaams, A mechanism of Muhasabah exists in Islam. Speak with them privately and individually making clear the reasons for the intervention you want to make and mutually agreed ethics and rules of the conversation. Then the accusations and defence statements and discussions can be done. Please see https://sufism.org/library/articles/muhasabah-retrospection; and search google for : conflict resolution strategies

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