7 Star for a Wife

7 Star for a Wife

Some tips for a muslim wife to boost their marriage life!

Prophet Mohammad S.A.W said:



“When a husband and wife looked at each other with love, Allah looks at them with mercy”

Believing on above mentioned hadith, a man and a woman can always feel beautiful.  It can keep you under Allah’s mercy all the time. The only condition is, to look at each other with love and that u can only feel when you both are at peace.

Husband and wife are like the two sides of a railway track which moves connectedly and make a progressive way. There is a lot which a wife can do for her husband but let us count few here:


This phrase has complete meaning in itself but by respecting doesn’t mean just to show ethics and good manners in front of him rather she should be respectful to her husband at his back too. She should respect his family, his words, his ideas, his dreams and above all she should respect his love for their relationship.


Husband should be the first and foremost priority for a wife. In Islam a married woman is bound to follow her husband more than anyone else once she is in his “Nikah”.  A man Enjoys the feeling of a king for someone. It’s not about buttering but yes! He deserves that position too. Allah has made them superior and a guardian to their wife too.


There’s an evil world outside so when Mr. Husband returns back home in evening he should be treated well. A wife should learn to keep peace at home and to create a soothing environment. Rather to expect that he would bring something or take you out, you gift him clean air at home every day. Woman is so powerful being wife she can express her love through sweet gestures of talking, smiling, cooking, cleaning and by welcoming him warmly. Your positive expression will never go wasted.


Ofcourse ! do that. A beautiful wife is a blessing but beauty of not only your natural features rather your appearance your speaking style your chosen words your way to meet or greet him your preparation of getting ready for him, will make him fall for you every time. Such a strong feeling that one gorgeous lady doing all these efforts just to catch an attractive glance from her husband. It’s the beauty of the relationship that a wife trying to seek attention of her husband and it will count in obeying Allah SWT.


show him that if no one but “YOU” his wife stands with him. Give him the confidence that he can achieve his goals. His ideas are worth taking the chance. Let him know that you strongly believe that his plans for future will work out. A woman’s belief can make an ordinary man a king, the confidence given by a wife has natural power. If a wife prays to Allah for her husband’s success it makes many odds straight.


a wife is responsible to be faithful to her husband. It is her most precious duty. Keep yourself secured for him. Your desires, your dreams, your styling should be for him. To obey him is your faith in him and not-to disobey him is a part of your faith too. Especially if he is away his things, house, his possessions, his kids everything is your responsibility to guard. Even a little secret and promise should keep private.


a wife is needed by a husband for many reasons. To serve food, to keep his personal things safe n clean, to be around, to share intimacy, to share thoughts and opinions. A wife should be available on husband’s every call. This habit gives two benefits firstly he will get use to of you and secondly when even for a single day you are not around , He will definitely miss ur presence, which is a good sign 😉

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3 thoughts on “7 Star for a Wife”

  1. Thanks for this article. it reminded me a lot of things about my responsibility as a wife towards my beloved husband. jazakumullahulkhayr.

  2. I agree all what’s been said .but abt today’s generation women who lead life with jobless husbands and they means women bcums mode of earning and bread winner.do u think even in this conditions women shud be pleasuring him with sex only which he needs. Don’t or can’t he think that even wife has a life ,even she needs rest

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