10 Pearls from a Mother to her Newly Wed Daughter


An insightful letter of advice from a mother to her newly wed daughter.

My dear daughter! Coolness of my eyes! Live a contented life with your husband. Eating stale bread with a smile on your face is better than a lavish meal at the expense of your husband’s displeasure.




My lovely daughter! Be a good listener. Give value to what he says and try your best to implement on it, so that you can make room in his heart as actions speak louder than words.


My priceless daughter! Beautify yourself with grace so that he feels proud to be your husband. Use fragrance and take care of your hygiene. Bad appearance and odor can set off your husband.


My beloved daughter! Prettify yourself by wearing kohl, as it is the eyes that hold the most attraction.  Always stay in ablution as it is a better fragrance and best way to stay cleansed.


My precious little daughter! Be diligent! Never keep your husband waiting on the dinner table, for hunger can provoke an outrage. Make sure he gets enough rest and a good amount of sleep so that he is able to give quality time to you.


My darling daughter! Be a guard of his home and precious belongings.  Avoid extravagance, manage the expenses wisely and organize your household with a strong foresight. Be a shield to any unnecessary external meddling.


My beloved daughter! Be his confidant and obey him. Never reveal his secrets to anyone, or you will lose your trust in no time and so your worth as someone has said “To be trusted is greater than to be loved”


My dear daughter! Share his worries, share his grief. Wipe his tears and empathize with him. Share his achievements and joy. Never spoil his merriness by a nasty mood.


My sweet daughter! If you want to gain respect, give him respect and honor. Value his preferences, liking and disliking. Then you will see how in the long run he will value you.


My beloved! Engrave this advice on your heart. You will have a rough start, you might have to compromise and adapt to a new life. But this way you will gain his love and trust. But remember that this will be just a phase and an initial hurdle. Soon it will lead you to a contented and joyful married life.


My darling daughter! With these pearls I entrust you to the Gracious Allah. May Allah be with you, bless you and protect you from all evils. Ameen.


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May Allah SWT bless all Muslim brothers and sisters with happiness in their family life!


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